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Assignment in replacement for meeting 22.05.2012

Dear students, 

I apologize that today the Database class cannot be held as usual. As the replacement, please download and read the materials on Relational Algebra, among others are:

  1. A Quick Introduction to Relational Algebra
  2. Relational Algebra. In this slides, there are some QUIZ you can practice and discuss with friends. In the next meeting we will deepen the understanding on RA as this concept is essential for easy understanding on optimal query formulation.
  3. Relational Algebra
  4. SQL and Relational Algebra

Tugas Pengganti Perkuliahan Basis Data S1, 03 Mei 2012

Karena adanya tugas yang tidak dapat diwakilkan, kuliah 04-05-2012 dilakukan melalui e-learning. Silahkan akses Kuantum Gama, dan kerjakan tugas sebagai tugas individu di topik seputar XML/XSL.

Rangkuman Link Materi Untuk S2 SIMKES

Untuk materi pelengkap perkuliahan, silahkan download melalu link berikut:

  1. Pengantar Basis Data
  2. Model Data (Model ER dan Model Relasional)
  3. Pengantar SQL
  4. Chapter tentang SQL dari Buku Database Management System oleh Ramakrishnan
Update on IT Audit Lecture

Due to the holidays happened in the last two weeks, I apologize that the plan for additional lectures has not been fulfilled, as I couldn't inform the plan which could reach the whole participants.  Herewith, I upload several slides and materials for the upcoming mid semester exam.  The midterm might be conducted partly in open book and partly in close book (mixture of both). Please prepare yourself for the mid semester exams, (to anticipate if it is held fully close book). Hope success be with you all. The materials can be checked out from here.

Assignment for Database Class for IUP

Dear students,

Please check your emails. I just sent an email concerning the assignment. 

Thak you and good luck

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