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Semantic Web Related Resources
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1   Link   MINDSWAP :the first site on the semantic web
2   Link   Techquila, Standards-based Information Management
The mission of Techquila is to provide our clients with high-quality consultancy, training and systems development services which make use of standards-based technology such as XML, XSLT and topic maps
3   Link   Advance Knowledge Technologies
4   Link   The Semantic Web Environmental Directory
a prototype of a new kind of directory of environmental organisations and projects. Our goal is to develop a sustainable (realistically maintainable) and easy to use directory about environmental organisations and projects throughout the UK.
5   Link   Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI)
The major objective of DERI is to bring current Web technology to its full potential by combining and improving recent trends around the Web. DERI is a cooperation of Hewlett Packard Galway, the Leopold-Franzens Universit├Ąt Innsbruck, and the Nationa
6   Link   OntoWeb
OntoWeb - Ontology-based information exchange for knowledge management and electronic-commerce. The goal of the OntoWeb Network is to bring together researchers and industrials coming from various research and application areas, promoting interdiscip
7   Link (...home of Sesame)
The site is a community site that is the center for all Sesame-related development. Here, developers and users can meet and discuss, ask questions and submit problem reports. The latest news about Sesame will be posted here.
8   Link   SIGSEMIS: Semantic Web and Information Systems
SIGSEMIS is a new AIS Special Interest Group approved in the December 2003 meeting of AIS Council in USA. The main areas of emphasis in our SIG: Seven critical pillars provide the basic backbone for the main contributions. Namely: Semantic Web, Knowl
9   Link   The Semantic Web Applications
An Introduction, based on the presentations of W3C leaders<br/><b>1. What is | 2. Roadmap | 3. Players |4. Applications</b>
10   Link   SENTENCES (Top Drawer's pointer)
It provides pointers, network of related terms (like encyclopedia), especially related to Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, Knowledge Discovery
11   Link   Elsevier's Journal of WEB SEMANTICS
The Journal on Web Semantics and also this Website is approaching scientific publishing from a different angle: our topic demands more than just the production and printing of papers, but also the distribution of ontologies and running code.
12   Link   SchemaWeb
SchemaWeb is a repository for RDF schemas expressed in the RDFS, OWL and DAML+OIL schema languages. SchemaWeb is a place for developers and designers working with RDF.
13   Link   HP Labs Semantic Web Research
The HP Labs Semantic Web research group believes that the Semantic Web represents a huge potential technology disrupter, enabling new and more flexible approaches to data integration, web services, knowledge discovery etc
14   Link   Open Source Tools for Semantic Web
SemWebCentral is an Open Source development web site for the Semantic Web. One purpose of SemWebCentral is to support the Semantic Web community by providing a free, centralized place for Open Source developers to manage Semantic Web software and ...
15   Link
The Semantic Web Community Portal. Together Towards a Web Of Knowledge...
16   Link   KAON
KAON is an open-source ontology management infrastructure targeted for business applications. It includes a comprehensive tool suite allowing easy ontology creation and management and provides a framework for building ontology-based applications. An