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Hello! Welcome to my simple and small house. Being simple does not always mean less in meaning, guys ! Although it is simple I am sure that there are many things you can get, know and even maybe take advantage of if you explore all linked documents. At least, you can find information about some parts of the world related to me, such as: my wonderful country, Indonesia, the peaceful Java Island where I live, and also about beautiful city where I was born namely Yogyakarta (more or less 1 hour from Jakarta by plane) and its surroundings.
Indonesia is an archipelago with more than 13000 islands. No wonder there are many tribes with their respective cultures and tourism spots. Among the islands, Bali is the most famous. It has beautiful beaches, scenery and culture.
If you want to know more about my country, you could see its profile by UNDP, Wikipedia or also by Nation Master.
For you who gave suggestion for the improvement of this site, my gratitude goes to all of you, especially my colleagues Herr Dr.rer.nat Dedi Rosadi a.k.a. BoBoHo, Siswo Sumardiono and Irwan Endrayanto
Group Assignment for IUP 2012 Database Class

For supporting materials, please refer to the documents (slides, exercise, lecture notes) available at this URL.

For this group assignment, please :

  1. form a group consisting of 5 persons the maximum
  2. do the exercise or problem given here, one for each group
  3. submit the work in PDF format to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 23 April 2013, 09.30 AM. Give your email subject : IUP Database Class : xxx yyy zzz aaa bbb, in which "xxx yyy zzz ...." are student numbers for your group members.
  4. late submission will not be accepted and will be neglected for grading

Thank you.

Supplementary Materials

For students, who attend "Teknologi Informasi Kontemporer" class taught by Dr. Techn. Khabib MUSTOFA,M.Kom, please visit Learning Management System KUANTUM GAMA , and login via this page.

After being successful logging in, please join the class Teknologi Informasi Kontemporer. The supplementary materials available are as follows:

  1. Chapter 1 Introduction to Information Technology
  2. Chapter 2 Internet and WWW

To access the file, find further information on the QR Code given by the lecturer.

Tugas Pengganti Tatap muka 04 April 2013

Kepada rekan-rekan peserta perkuliahan Basis Data yang diampu oleh Dr. Khabib Mustofa, M.Kom., diberitahukan bahwa untuk perkuliahan tanggal 04 April 2013 tidak dapat diselenggarakan tatap muka karena adanya acara mendadak. Selain itu, nampaknya belum dimungkinkan memberikan tatap muka sebelum UTS. Untuk itu, sebagai pengganti, diberikan tugas untuk diselesaikan hari ini juga:

  1. Silahkan download materi yang ada di halaman ini
  2. Ada beberapa pertanyaan yang ada dalam dokumen PDF yang tersedia. Silahkan pilih 5 pertanyaan dari sekian yang tersedia.
  3. Silahkan anda membentuk kelompok dengan anggota maksimal 5 anggota. Satu kelompok cukup mengirimkan satu tugas. Tugas dikirimkan ke email dosen pengampu This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  4. Tugas dikumpulkan selambat-lambatnya 04 April 2013, 16.00 WIB
  5. Tugas harap dikerjakan dengan upaya mandiri, sehingga tidak ada pekerjaan yang sama untuk kelompok yang berbneda
  6. Tidak ada pengiriman susulan atau perbaikan.

Link to Explore

Please find and explore the following resources :





Please find references and read about:

  1. Agile Software Development

  2. eXtreme Programming

  3. Design Pattern

  4. V-model

  5. Software Maturity Model

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